Psalm 13

How long Oh Lord
Will You forget me
How long Oh Lord
Will You look the other way
How long Oh Lord
Must I wrestle with my thoughts
And ev'ry day
Have such sorrow in my heart

Look on me and answer
O God my Father
Bring light to my darkness
Before they see me fall Oh Lord

But I trust in Your unfailing love
Yes my heart will rejoice
Still I sing of Your unfailing love
You have been good
You will be good to me

Music and lyrics by Brian Doerksen, Daphne Rademaker, Karen Mitchinson, and Steve Mitchinson

3 comentários:

João Magalhães disse...

Simplesmente fabulosa, esta musica!!! obrigado

luzinha disse...

But I trust in Your unfailing love...
não é fácil confiar...

LadyBird disse...

:) É mesmo linda!!
Pois é amiga. Há que ir tentando e falhando e tentando....